Gooey Bar

Lions and Tigers, and Gooey’s, Oh My!

Tis the season for Gooey’s! Scratch that…EVERY season is the season for Gooey’s!

Gooey: goo·ey [goo-ee] – adjective: originating from within the impeccable walls of Dockside Restaurant, a “Gooey” is a scrumptious dessert filled with layers of delectable toppings, glazes, sauces, candies, sweets, and treats.

Well there you have…

Dine overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene at Beverly's

February Happenings

February started not so great with a Seahawk loss followed by some gloomy weather.  Luckily I have a gorgeous lake view to stare out at which can renew just about anyone’s spirit!

There are many things going on around the Resort this time of year… taking down all of the…