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Weddings are wonderful events that celebrate love, family, and union. The real fun starts when you start planning the festivities. Even if you aren’t the most daring bride, you can take step it up with your menu, specifically, the dessert. Even if you chose traditional wedding invitations, you’ll want to surprise everyone at the reception. Many brides have been experimenting with different ways to serve dessert. Here are some fabulous finishes to your wedding day that everyone will love.

Smores Station 5

Wedding S’mores: Remember s’mores? Those toasty, gooey, and crunchy treats evoke the unadulterated joy of summer nights gathered around a campfire. Luckily, you can dress up this sweet treat for your wedding reception. Order up some artisanal marshmallows, now available in every flavor imaginable, and display the different colors and flavors on the dessert table. Alternatively, if you are up to the challenge, you can make your own marshmallows but recruit some helpers to balance out the cooking duties.

Set up a s’mores table with platters of the graham crackers, pre-sectioned chocolate bars, and a small cooking station with an attendant to help assemble the dessert. If you don’t have the space for an outdoor grill or fire, use a small butane range and serve them in small batches during the reception. However you present them, your guests will rave about the amazing dessert, and you’ll relive your big day every time you go on a camping trip.

If you’re lucky, some wedding venues like The Coeur d’Alene Resort  offer a late night snack menu for wedding guests that include a s’mores bar and other fun snacks! After a long night of drinking and dancing, your guests are really going to appreciate this.

Macarons: Macarons are popular for many reasons. They’re fancy, colorful, and they have an intriguing texture like no other dessert. Essentially a meringue, you can have your macarons tailor-made to your favorite flavors or keep the taste neutral and focus on the bright colors. Many wedding receptions offer a huge selection of macarons so guests can sample every flavor from Raspberry Green Tea to Nutella chocolate. Macarons are difficult to master, so unless you’re an accomplished baker, you should leave this one to the professionals. Just decide on the colors and flavor profile and your dessert table will be a hit!

Rice Crispy Cake: Love your mom’s Rice Krispies treats? So, do your guests! Serve a large, cake-shaped version of everyone’s favorite dessert. It’s more affordable than a traditional cake, easy to assemble, and it’s so much fun. Feel free to decorate with ribbons and flowers that match your color scheme.

You can also serve traditional Rice Krispies squares on the buffet table and save the fancier, dressed up cake for the bride and groom. If you are up to the challenge, you can easily make your own. This dessert is way less daunting than macarons.

Desserts - French Heart Macaroons

Pie Pops: For people who aren’t crazy about cake but love sweets, pie is a wonderful alternative. They’re traditional, timeless, and they come in a wide variety of flavors. To thrill your guests, try pie pops. Pie pops take after their cousin, the cake pops. They’re a miniature version of the original that is perched on a stick. They create a gorgeous display, and you can easily separate the fruit pops from the chocolate ones.

Again, these are desserts you and your bridal party can make together before the big day if you know a baker. If not, enlist the help of a professional to keep things simple. They not only taste great, but they are adorable. You can make these amazing heart-shaped cherry chocolate pops or stick with a more traditional apple pie. Just be sure to label each one, so your guests can pick their favorite flavor.

Root Beer Floats: Here is another dessert that may seem a little too simple for something as special as a wedding, but a root beer float bar could be exactly what your wedding needs. It’s fun, accessible, and whimsical. Watch your guests smile at the root beer keg and the comfort of ice cream swirling in their glasses. Then, let that sugar rush light up the dance floor!

If you have a family member who loves homebrew ask for a couple of kegs of homemade root beer as an early wedding present. It has a deeper, richer taste than the commercial versions and serving it from a tapped keg makes for a fun detail. You can also serve a boozy option to the adult guests. Who doesn’t want a Bourbon Vanilla Root Beer Float?

You can offer a couple of different flavors or a vegan version if that’s your crowd. A root beer float dessert is a great option for smaller, outdoor weddings or if you’re expecting many children.

Milk and Cookies: Is there anything so comforting as milk and cookies? By keeping the wedding desserts on a small scale, you can easily have them served to individual tables or floated around the reception. You can elevate the dessert by sourcing some high quality, organic milk from local farms or ordering some from a specialty service. Be sure to include some rice, almond, or soy milk options for the lactose intolerant. Ask around at some different bakeries to see if they can provide you with a large order of gourmet cookies or talk to your caterer about your options.

Want to take a DIY approach to dessert? Make these cookie shot glasses filled with milk for your reception. Serve the milk separately and let guests fill their own little cups to make it extra entertaining. This type of dessert is definitely a crowd pleaser.

For your upcoming wedding, don’t be afraid to skip the cake and serve one of these tasty options to your guests. These desserts definitely compliment any rustic or vintage wedding, and their cozy comforts make them perfect for the fall season!

Late Night Snack - Milk & Cookie with Straw

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