A Comprehensive Guide to Dockside Brunch: What You Need to Know About our Sunday Culinary Line-Up

Posted on: May 27, 2019

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Are you looking for the ultimate brunch experience? Look no further than Dockside’s Sunday Brunch to give yourself the ultimate “treat yourself” morning. Every Sunday since 1986, the Coeur d’Alene Resort’s Dockside restaurant has transformed a whole room into an opulent showcase of upscale food choices to make you feel like royalty.

If you are like me, you have a lot of trouble picking a single dish when you order at a restaurant. I genuinely wish I could try it all! The talented staff at Dockside solves this problem for you. Do you want one bite of everything? Your wish is their command. With dozens upon dozens of bites and treats to choose from, you have unlimited potential to select the plate (or plates) of your dreams.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Dockside brunch ever since I was ten years old. What kid doesn’t dream of an unlimited selection of delicacies to eat? The sheer volume of choices has evolved over the years to become the most decadent dining experience before dinner in all of Coeur d’Alene.

The seasoned favorites are still there – a made-to-order omelet bar, crepes, and waffles with toppings galore, and their classic curry chicken salad if you’re in a more lunch than brunch mood. Additional classic offerings include smoked salmon, a cereal bar, bagels, breads and scones. The brunch lineup also features an impressive carving station with beef, chicken, salmon and several other succulent items for meat-lovers to salivate over. Menu

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The best bites that we thoroughly enjoyed are the freshly carved smoked honey ham, eggs benedict, poppyseed au gratin potatoes, a freshly made crepe, cream puff swans and of course, the mimosa bar. We are partial to the locally adored huckleberry version. Don’t miss the brown sugar bacon that Dockside is famous for – it is served piled high and perfectly crisp. The smell alone could make you feel pure comfort. In fact, I wish this scent came in a candle!

In designing the perfect plate, you may want some tips, and because we are brunching experts, we have agreed to share our secrets with you.

  1. Do not try to get everything you want on your first trip. Trust us. You don’t want to have to worry about flavors getting all muddled. Your server will probably have cleared the plate you left behind before you even get back to your seat from round two.

  2. Give yourself the freedom to get all of your favorites. Remember, brunching done well is guilt-free.

  3. Invite your best friends to join you. The best part about brunch is getting to catch up with some of your closest buddies or someone you’ve lost touch with to laugh and reminisce. Make it a social experience to remember.

  4. Don’t forget about the beautiful quality fresh fruit and vegetables. The Resort staff has an exceptional selection of fresh items to brighten your plate that are freshly sliced, ripe and in-season.

  5. Try something new! Don’t limit yourself to what is familiar, but branch out and you may find a new favorite.

So, wake up a little later than usual, get on your comfiest athleisure wear, and join us for a brunch you won’t soon forget. Do you want to pile on the luxury? Make it a weekend getaway and book a room with a lakeview – that way you can hit the hot tub afterward and melt all of the week’s stress away after you indulge.

Sunday Brunch is served from 9am to 2pm weekly. Reservations are recommended, as it is one of our most popular weekly dining events. Please call (855) 379-5478 to make a reservation.

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