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A Hole-In-One Marriage Proposal

Bryan Stiles knew that surprising girlfriend Brittany Fitch with a marriage proposal would require stealth, ingenuity and detailed planning.

“She’s the smartest cookie I know,” Bryan says of hyper-alert Brittany. Plus, with over a decade of experience as a wedding coordinator, Brittany is no stranger to unique marriage proposals.

The two…

There are a lot of reasons a wedding in the winter makes sense — lowered costs, unique setting and less competition. Here are our top five reasons all couples should consider a winter wedding.

5 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

These days, when many brides think about their wedding, they picture blooming flowers, warm weather, strapless gowns and outdoor ceremonies. Traditionally, most weddings happen during the summer. This is great if you want sunshine and warm weather, but just because something is traditional does not mean it’s the only way!