Savor the Season: New Fall Harvest Menu at Beverly’s

Posted on: October 2, 2023

Fried Brie

Elevate your palate to new heights with our latest culinary masterpiece: Fried Brie with Apricot-Cranberry Marmalade, Arugula, and Spiced Pumpkin Seed. This exquisite addition to the already existing item on the menu at Beverly’s embodies the essence of sophistication and innovation. As an oath to the season, the finishing touch in the spiced pumpkin seeds provide a delightful crunch and a hint of Autumnal spice. This dish is a culinary symphony of flavors and textures that will leave your taste buds enchanted and your dining experience truly unforgettable.

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Fall Harvest Salad

Experience the epitome of freshness and elegance with our latest additions to our already amazing Summer Field Green Salad. Now with Spring Mix, Radicchio, Shaved Pear, Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Hazelnuts, and Cougar Gold White Cheddar. This salad is a symphony of vibrant colors and flavors, thoughtfully curated to tantalize your taste buds. This dish embodies the essence of springtime and culinary refinement, promising a delightful and invigorating dining experience that captures the essence of luxury in every bite.

Pork Loin Chop

Introducing a symphony of Fall flavors and textures in our newest culinary re-masterpiece: Pork Loin Chop. Now with Celery Root Puree, Braised Winter Greens, Bacon Lardon, Apple-Fennel Slaw, and Maple Pom-Molasses. This dish invites you on a journey through the heart of the season, with its creamy celery root puree serving as a luxurious canvas for the dish's many facets.. Each bite is a harmonious blend of comfort and sophistication, promising a dining experience that captures the essence of winter's warmth and luxury at every delightful turn.

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British Columbia Salmon Stuffed with Dungeness Crab

Visit us and expand your dining experience to unparalleled heights with our latest renovations to this culinary masterpiece: British Columbia Salmon Stuffed with Dungeness Crab, Drizzled with Sauce Béarnaise, accompanied by Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Fingerling Potatoes, Kale, and Red Bell Pepper-Citrus Relish. This harmonious creation is a testament to the artistry of our kitchen, promising a luxurious and unforgettable dining experience that pays homage to the region's finest ingredients and culinary excellence.

Butter Roasted Diver Scallops

Prepare to be transported to a world of culinary delight with our latest addition to our already existing crowd favorite: Scallops and Lobster Tail. Our Butter Roasted Diver Scallops, now served with a Polenta Cake, an ensemble of Mushrooms, Bacon, Leeks, and Spinach, all crowned with a Beurre Nantais sauce and garnished with Crispy Fried Sage. The sprinkle of crispy fried sage imparts a delightful crunch and an herbal aroma. This culinary masterpiece reflects the pinnacle of luxury dining, promising an unforgettable experience that dances on the palate with every exquisite forkful.

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Summer Vegetable Red Pepper Risotto

Turn up your Autumn dining experience with our latest and detailed edition of our existing creation: Summer Vegetable Red Pepper Risotto. Vegan Balsamic Risotto, Panhandle Gourmet Mushrooms, Arugula, Crispy Kale. This dish is a celebration of the season's vibrant flavors and the artistry of fine dining. This dish is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence, inviting you to savor the very essence of summer with every delectable forkful at our luxury restaurant.

Penn Cove Manilla Clams

Embark on a sensational seafood journey with our latest flavorful addition to our existing menu item: Penn Cove Manilla Clams. One Pound of 'Penn Cove' Manilla Clams bathed in a White Wine and Garlic Broth, infused with the bold flavors of Chorizo, and served alongside Grilled Baguette. This dish is a testament to the bountiful treasures of the sea, where succulent Manilla Clams take center stage. It's a celebration of coastal flavors and culinary finesse, inviting you to savor the ocean's bounty in every exquisite bite at our luxury restaurant.

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Lobster Bisque

Now, introducing our culinary masterpiece: a spin on our exquisite Lobster Bisque. Each spoonful offers a symphony of flavors, where the sweet, tender lobster is perfectly balanced by the silky texture of the bisque. Join us and savor the unparalleled elegance and taste of our new Lobster Bisque, a true masterpiece that defines the art of culinary excellence.

Goat Cheese Gnocchi

Welcome to a burst of flavor and freshness with our our latest addition of a classic dish: Vegetable Gnocchi. This dish is a testament to the beauty of farm-fresh ingredients and culinary innovation. Join us and savor the artistry of this delectable creation, as we redefine the world of pasta with a burst of garden-fresh goodness.

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Tiramisu, Blood Orange Sorbet, Pumpkin Cheesecake

Experience the grand finale of your dining journey with our trio of decadent desserts: Tiramisu, Blood Orange Sorbet, and Pumpkin Cheesecake. Each dessert embodies the essence of indulgence and artistry. The Tiramisu, a timeless Italian classic, layers espresso-soaked ladyfingers with velvety mascarpone, creating a harmonious blend of coffee and creamy sweetness. Our Blood Orange Sorbet is a refreshing palate cleanser, bursting with vibrant citrus notes, cleansing the palate with its tangy brilliance. Finally, our Pumpkin Cheesecake is a seasonal masterpiece, offering a creamy, spiced pumpkin filling atop a delicate graham cracker crust. Together, these desserts form a symphony of flavors that promise to leave a lasting impression, ensuring your luxury dining experience concludes on a sweet and memorable note.

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