Secrets of Coeur d’Alene Golf Course – The Coeur d’Alene Resort

Posted on: March 8, 2017


Why come? Three words: The Floating Green.

Actually, make it four words. The LEGENDARY Floating Green.

And that’s precisely what it is: it’s legendary, it’s remarkable, and it’s truly one of its kind. This engineering island marvel is the world’s only movable green, computer controlled to daily distances. After the tee shot to the par 3, 14th Hole, golfers are ferried to the island via a uniquely designed electric boat, dubbed “Putter”, to finish the hole.

But our incomparable Floating Green isn’t the only unique feature on our Golf Course. In honor of Opening Day right around the corner, April 1st, here are a few more super fun facts about our course that you may not know:

Fact #1: Not only does our 14th hole float on the water, but our practice balls float, too! Floating, — umm, er — golf balls? Why yes! These special golf balls do exactly what they sound like they would do: FLOAT! We use these balls on the practice tee – they are designed to react very similar to a normal golf ball with one exception: they float on top of the water! This allows for easy ball retrieval off the surface of the lake with the added bonus of not having to clean the balls – the lake kindly does it for us!

Lazy? Absolutely not! We simply like to look at it as efficiency at its finest!

Fact #2: There are over 25,000 golf balls retrieved out of the water at the end of each season. Oh yes, you heard me right. Over 25,000 golf balls! We hire a professional golf ball retrieval diver to go search for the gold throughout the season. The diver pays for the right to dive and sells the “experienced” golf balls.

Fact #3: We have more than 30,000 geraniums planted within our immaculately manicured grounds. Alongside 1,000 Wild Flowers, 4,000 Petunias, and 25,000 Junipers! Why geraniums, you might ask? These brilliant red flowers were Mr. Duane Hagadone’s mother’s favorite blossoms.

Wake up and smell the roses! (Well, actually geraniums…but you get the point!)

Fact #4: Every Coeur d’Alene Resort golfer is given the gift of RELAXATION! Indulgence meets golf! Massages are offered to all guests at the practice tee prior to their round of golf. We give an estimated 2,500 – 3,000 massage in any given season.

(If you weren’t a golfer before, there is no doubt that this fun fact will certainly change your thinking!)

Fact #5: Custom luxury golf carts: uniquely designed with your golf game in mind! Drive to the ball in fairways for faster pace of play! Our deluxe golf carts feature interactive touchscreen GPS, chrome wheels, tilt steering, heated seats, tee dispensers, club and ball washers, and even a storage compartment and cooler. Luxury at its finest!

It’s all of these little details that truthfully make a round of golf at The Coeur d’Alene Resort anything but ordinary. It is truly a golf experience like no other…

Opening day is almost here! Are you?

Stay and Play the world famous Floating Green on opening weekend! To celebrate, we’re proud to offer the lowest overnight golf package rates of the season. Play Saturday April 1st or Sunday, April 2nd with rates starting at only *$99 per player, based on double occupancy. Golf Packages include: overnight lakeside accommodations and golf for two players.

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