Gooey, the Famous Confection – The Coeur d’Alene Resort

Posted on: January 3, 2018

Desserts at The Coeur d’Alene Resort are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Created specifically to be giant, gooey and too good to be true, you’re going to want to know more about these sweet treats!

For those who are new to The Coeur d’Alene Resort, opening the dessert menu at Dockside Restaurant  might be a little confusing: What’s a Gooey?

However, for veterans of The Resort’s dessert menu, the thought of Gooey’s will get taste buds tingling and mouths watering.

When you order a Gooey, expect a larger-than-life ice cream sundae — mounds of ice creams, syrups, chocolate and candies that fill a cup fit for a king. The decadent delights dwarf the candy bar toppings, but even with all that deliciousness, you won’t be able to put your spoon down.

Some of my best memories were created over Gooeys. I remember circling around a table at Dockside with my five best friends after high school dances or bad dates, swapping stories and sharing spoonfuls of these sweet treats. Before we knew it, the dessert would be gone, but we’d be laughing and consider ordering another!

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You won’t find these delights at any other Coeur d’Alene hotels — Gooeys have been a Resort tradition since Idaho hotel was founded decades ago.

Founders Duane Hagadone and Jerry Jaeger scoured the country with the food and beverage team to find the best parts of desserts from every corner. Mr. Hagadone came up with the name “Gooey.” He explained that every dessert needed to be oversized, gooey and so good, you don’t want to put your spoon down.

Since the inception, Gooeys have become a North Idaho staple. Some Signature Gooey’s, like the Butterfinger Hot Fudge Gooey and the Royal Cheesecake Gooey, have been around for years, and have cemented their place on the menu. These treats are made for sharing, but you won’t want to.

Others, like the Gooey Monster, are new creations. This massive Gooey was introduced this spring through a contest — we asked our dessert aficionados what they wanted to eat, and this is the treat they came up with! The base is made of cookies n’ cream and vanilla ice creams, cookie dough and cookie chunks, swirled with hot fudge, topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips, adorned with Cookie Monster-inspired treat.

Is your tummy rumbling yet?

The Gooey Menu doesn’t stop at mountainous sundaes. Signature cakes, shakes, pies and cobblers are also up for consideration.

Since the inception of the Gooey Dessert Bar, ambitious executive pastry chefs have added their own flair to the menu. From Bill Steele, the opening executive pastry chef, who introduced the Original New York Style Cheesecake, to current executive pastry chef, Debbie Hime, who created the newest sundaes, the Chocolate Obsession and Strawberry Angel Food Cake. She also created the Gooey Sundae of the Month, to keep the menu fresh and exciting!

So, as you head into Dockside for your first — or maybe your 50th! — Gooey, the biggest question is: What are you going to get?

Our oh-so-talented Pastry Chef, Debbie Hime!

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