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Posted on: July 26, 2017

Welcome to the Northwest's largest theme park!

I’m kicked back soaking up some sun. I hear the waves mingling with kid’s laughter. It’s the perfect day at the beach, Boulder Beach that is. Sometimes I forget what a treasure it is to have such an amazing amusement and water park right in our own backyard. That’s why whenever we have friends and family visit during the summer, our plans always include time at Silverwood. It’s also on our own summer bucket list every summer.

Sipping ice-cold beverages and indulging in fresh elephant ears on a sunny day, is time well spent. (If it’s not, you may want to get your vital signs checked.) This place is where memories are made that we’ll never forget. You only get 18 summers before your kids are off onto bigger adventures of their own. I consider it nothing short of necessary to make each summer count. With our trips to Silverwood, that’s exactly what we’re doing.


I wave at my kids splashing in the Toddler Springs. Mental note, this is one out of the three times each year they actually are nice to each other.

In the distance I hear the faint sounds of the train. We’ll be over riding that in just a bit. It’s my son’s favorite. He loves taking a nice leisurely ride on the real historic steam engine train, where Marshal Jack and his deputy give us a tour of the Silverwood back-country and try to protect us from the pesky bandits. I think my son is secretly hoping he’ll get to drive the train some day.

I’m more of a low thrills rides gal these days, like the ferris wheel or the carousel. But once upon a time I was known to ride all the roller coasters at Silverwood. Back then my favorite was Tremors. My son’s got the itch to try one out this year and he’s finally tall enough. We’ll see if he inherited my love for fast and exhilarating carnival rides after all.

One ride I know the entire family is always ready for is the antique cars, and this year is no different. We embark towards the ride after a quick bite to eat for lunch. My daughter sits with me and beams up at me with the biggest smile, “Look; I’m driving!”

We work our way through several more rides. Dad and brother run off to take on some potentially high thrill options, while my daughter and I hang around Garfield’s Summer Camp, which offers plenty of rides just right for her age. We meet back up to play a few games and snack on some fresh kettle corn and slushies. BTW, whoever invented kettle corn should probably get a gold medal.


Our day has almost come to and end. There’s just one ride left we want to hit now that my daughter is finally tall enough. We’re headed to Thunder Canyon to cap off the day together. The afternoon sun has eased up from hot to just a warm glow and a slight breeze drifts the air as we wait in line. My kids squeeze my hands with anticipation when they realize we are next. My husband smiles at me; we both know we’re getting soaked on this ride but the kids don’t have a clue. We make our way into the river raft seats and buckle up. The ride moves through the canyon, we are all laughing and let out a collective scream when our side of the raft gets drenched. This fun continues for the next mile of the ride.

Our family emerges from the canyon, smiling and laughing. There’s the plea for one more treat on the way out. I shrug and look at my husband, what the heck. Let’s do it. We grab a famous ‘single’ scoop (which is seriously almost as big as my daughter’s head!) from the Ice Creamery and make our way to the entrance and exit gates. The sun is starting set as we walk to our car. I look at my kiddos. They are smiling, tired and filled with joy. I sigh knowing this guarantees a quiet car ride home.

I turn back as we start down the tunnel towards the parking lot. Silently I give a nod and smile to Silverwood as my token of appreciation for a day of family fun, games and so much more.


If you’re visiting Coeur d’Alene, I highly recommend saving one day for a trip to Silverwood, perhaps even two. Discover a day of fun with your family like you’ve never had before.

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