Your Favorite Resort Dishes On-Demand: Gourmet To-Go

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Gourmet To-Go: Your go-to solution when you don’t know what to make, don’t have time to cook, need something extra special, or have that super-specific craving that won’t go away.

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You know those days when you’re craving an incredibly specific meal, but you have no idea how to make it? What about those celebrations you want to make extra special for your loved ones, but you just don’t have the time – or desire – to cook? Then there are those date nights you want to do something different, but you’re running out of ideas. It would be so convenient if you knew a gourmet chef who could just whip up a special meal.
That’s why The Coeur d’Alene Resort created Gourmet To-Go! Not everyone has the time, ingredients, or love for cooking that our chefs do. Now you can enjoy satisfying, sumptuous dishes – like Taphouse Unchained’s white cheddar bacon dip or The Cedars’ garlic rosemary chicken alfredo pasta – anywhere you’d like.Pick it up curbside, then take it on a picnic, back to your suite, or enjoy it at home. Those 21 and over can even add on adult beverages to round out your flavor-packed meal.
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Curbside Pick-Up
How to order: 1.) Visit The Resort’s Gourmet To-Go website. 2.) Choose your favorite Resort restaurant and add delicious dishes. 3.) Pick up your chef-curated meal curbside and enjoy it anywhere!PLACE A GOURMET TO-GO ORDERFor convenient curbside pick-up: Skip the dreaded “getting out of the car” part by selecting “Curbside Pickup” and your desired time at checkout. Then, simply pull up under The Resort Valet area (or for The Cedars, to the loading zone) to receive your to-go order. A Resort representative will bring your order out to your car at your designated pick-up time. Easy as that!Need some suggestions of what to order from Gourmet To-Go? Allow our chefs to prepare a meal for any occasion that calls for comfort food.
Lakeside Date Night Chocolate and wine right on the lake? It’s fail-safe date night. Order triple chocolate mousse cake and a bottle of red wine from Dockside, and savor every moment of it with your main squeeze from the Floating Boardwalk picnic tables.
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Mac n Cheese (1)
Cozy In-Room Dining at The Resort Consider this your permission slip to take a break from meal planning and prepping during your getaway. Order what you really want on vacation: mac n’ cheese. Now you can enjoy this local favorite dish from Taphouse Unchained in your room at The Coeur d’Alene Resort. When morning comes, order ahead with Gourmet To-Go for coffee and pastries from the Lobby Cafe.
Crowd-Pleasing Happy Hour We don’t always have time to show up with something in hand for every friend gathering. Let our chefs do the work and take a dish everyone will enjoy! Tito’s cheesy garlic flatbread, pita and hummus, and caprese salad will up-level any get together.
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Cougar Gold Dip
Fun Family Game Night Dockside’s Cougar Gold baked artichoke dip is a best-seller because both kids and adults can’t get enough of it! Order this creamy appetizer with extra house-made kettle chips for your next game night and enjoy more flavorful quality time.
Extra Special Celebrations Cause for celebration? New jobs, birthdays, and anniversaries will be made even better by hosting a prime rib dinner at home. The Cedars Floating Restaurant is famous for this dish, using the highest-quality locally sourced beef. You’ll be famous for serving it at your next jubilee.PLACE A GOURMET TO-GO ORDER
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