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Eye, Brow, and Lash Treatments

Pamper yourself with a visit to the Lash & Beauty Bar. Get that picture-perfect movie star look without the effort and expense of doing it yourself. Our beauty experts offer professional services, including microblading and glamour lashes.


An effective, long-lasting alternative to conventional eyebrow treatments.

Microblading is essentially a less painful, less permanent form of tattooing: pigments are implanted under the skin to mimic the appearance of natural eyebrows. Results typically last three years, with some maintenance and follow-up necessary.

Cost: $400 (includes initial appointment and perfecting appointment, 4-6 week follow-up)

Classic Lashes

The classic lash extension treatment—long, elegant lashes that draw attention to your eyes’ natural beauty.

Cost: $100

Classic Fill

The classic fill treatment, for natural, alluring looks.

Cost: $60

Volume Lashes

A fuller extension treatment for clients who have sparse lashes or want a more dramatic, glamorous lash appearance.

Cost: $180

Volume Fill

A fill treatment with more volume, for bolder, fiercer looks.

Cost: $70 (every 2-3 weeks to have lashes replaced from grow-out and wear)

Lash Extension Removal

Cost: $50 & up

Lash Corrections or Removals from Other Salons

Cost: $85 & up
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