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Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Let us give it the care and love it deserves. At The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa, our body treatments will nourish, moisturize and exfoliate your entire body, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier and softer. Our treatment options include wraps, soaks and scrubs. We offer three grades of exfoliations: *** (3 stars) is the most invigorating scrub, for extremely dry, non-delicate skin; ** (2 stars) is a medium-grade scrub, great for most skin types; and * (1 star) is best for sensitive and mature skin types.


***Signature Forest Mineral Scrub

Immerse your senses as we guide you on an aromatic journey. Experience a deeply exfoliating salt scrub with trace minerals, warm organic body oil and the essences of spruce and cedar. With a newfound softness and a luminous glow, you will enjoy the benefits of this treatment for days.
45 min. | $115

**Seasonal Organic Eminence Scrub

Get swept away as we refine your silhouette with our seasonal organic body polish from Eminence. These mouth-watering blends are a medium- to mild grade exfoliate that uses natural sugar cane to melt away dryness. Uncover your gorgeous skin as you are polished to sweet perfection. You’ll leave feeling and looking radiant.
45 min. | $115

Nourishing Spirulina Wrap

Drift away inside a powerful seaweed wrap, nourishing the skin and body while relaxing your muscles. First, a dry brushing technique flushes your lymphatic system and prepares the skin for the warmed Spirulina, which we apply from head to toe. Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and blue-green algae, this natural product stimulates circulation. Next, you are cocooned in comfort for an acupressure facial treatment. After a warm cleansing rinse, we finish with an application of a nourishing body cream for a youthful appearance.
50 min. | $130

Mountain Moor Mud Wrap

Soothe and rejuvenate tired muscles and dull skin with nature’s minerals. Pure organic Moor Mud is legendary for its powerful therapeutic properties. Europeans have used this substance for centuries to bathe, heal and detoxify the body. Relax as we perform a hydrating acupressure facial treatment. After steeping in mineral-rich mud, a cleansing shower prepares you for our finishing aroma cream. This decadent cream is hydrating and remineralizing to soothe and protect your skin and ease muscle tension.
50 min. | $130

Kur Experience

One of our most popular treatments, the Kur Experience combines a Mineral Soak, Moor Mud or Spirulina Body Wrap and finishing with a 50-minute Hydrating Massage.
2 hrs. 30 min. | $250

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