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Every face is beautiful—and every face deserves special care and attention now and then. Refresh and enhance your natural beauty with a facial treatment at The Coeur d’Alene Spa. Using tools and techniques from all over the world, our team of aestheticians will attend to your face’s unique form and skin profile to nourish and restore life to your eyes, cheeks, chin, nose and lips. See for yourself how a treatment at our spa will leave you feeling and looking completely transformed.

Secrets Excellence

Our luxurious treatment for maturing skin, the Secrets Excellence Facial counteracts the effects of hormonal aging for a firming, glowing skin therapy. Complemented by an intense Eye Contour Treatment to address puffiness, dark circles and fine lines—and a special massage technique from Paris—this facial delivers unprecedented de-stressing and relaxation.
90 min. | $235

Spa Rescue Facial

Renew and revitalize your skin. This incredible facial allows your aesthetician to address Advance repair, Correcting Detox or Brightening. Created around the med-spa Correcting line from Kerstin Florian, the Spa Rescue Facial includes a mild multi-acid peel and intensive serums to deliver superior results. Acupressure, included with the facial massage facilitates, better product absorption and deep relaxation of the facial muscles.
90 min. | $225

Youth Intensive Facial

This scientifically proven treatment offers exfoliation, a stimulating massage and a double mask that leaves skin looking fresh, plump and youthful.
75 min. | $180

Spa Custom Organic Facial

We are pleased to offer the Eminence Organics line from Hungary to bring you the best in organic skin care. Your aesthetician will choose the appropriate collection of products for your skin to deliver a pure, results-driven treatment.
50 min. | $130

Spa Treatment Facial

This treatment is designed to treat specific skin conditions such as dehydration, acne, sensitivity and rosacea. Your aesthetician will consult with you to determine which procedure best suits your particular needs and concerns.
60 min. | $140

European Deep Cleansing Facial

A great introduction to skin therapy and an effective maintenance treatment, this facial is deep cleansing and relaxing, and leaves the skin balanced and glowing. (For all skin types.)
50 min. | $120

Men’s Skin Therapy

Addresses the special needs of a man’s skin due to irritation from shaving and environmental exposure. Skin is deeply cleansed and rehydrated, with intense relaxation achieved through a massage of the face, neck and shoulders.
50 min. | $120

Teen Facial

Young skin needs special care. This facial addresses sensitivity or acne, and the aesthetician also educates on proper home care.
50 min. | $120

Express Facial Treatments

Vitamin C Express Facial

Nourishing vitamin C serum and a deeply hydrating massage deliver two powerful anti-aging components for glowing skin. (For all skin types and conditions except acne.)
25 min. | $75

Organic Arctic Berry Illuminating Peel

Eminence Organics combines exfoliation with a natural peeling treatment that targets aging or sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and acne. This treatment…

  • improves the appearance of fine lines by 40%,
  • increases collagen production by 30%,
  • and
  • decreases wrinkle depth by 26%.
30 min. | $80

Glycolic Mini Peel

A blend of four acids target the skin on multiple levels to deliver a complete, yet gentle exfoliation. Skin is left brighter and more luminous. (For all skin types, except the most sensitive.)
30 min. | $75

Intensive Skin Therapy


Using diamond-tipped wands, this treatment smoothes the surface of the skin without any residual irritation. Skin is left radiant and bright. (Not recommended for skin conditions such as acne or rosacea.)
50 min. | $155

Resort Spa


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