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Massage therapy doesn’t only feel good—it’s good for your health, too. From relieving stress and anxiety to improving blood circulation, reducing tension and muscle pain, boosting your immunity and promoting better sleep, a massage can confer numerous benefits for your mood and well-being. At The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa, we offer more than a dozen different massage treatments providing various kinds of relief. Target a specific area of discomfort or experience full-body relaxation.

Custom Swedish Massage

Relax with a custom massage tailored to meet your specific needs. Using medium pressure, we create the ultimate massage experience for you.
50 or 75 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage

Experience an entirely new level of relaxation. Warm oil is drizzled over you as we massage your body with heated basalt stones, melting muscle tension away. The stones release therapeutic heat directly into the muscle tissue for immediate relief. Cool stones offer refreshment and healing to specific areas. Many Guests find that a hot stone massage leaves them feeling better than a traditional, non-heated massage. Relax and feel your tension and stiffness literally melt away.
50 or 75 Minutes

Signature Coeur Stone Massage

This deeply relaxing, sensational Hot Stone Massage makes use of gem therapy. The stones’ heat takes the body into a state of meditation as gem alignment along the spine grounds energy fields and helps the body heal from within. We use our signature Rose Quartz gem along with other precious stones to quell anger, clear negativity and enhance positive energy in the heart and spirit. Continue your wellness journey after you leave with your own Rose Quartz heart—our gift to you.
100 Minutes

Comforting Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most beneficial times to receive massage therapy. Let us care for you during this special journey. Reverse gravity with a comforting, well-supported massage. Using warmed organic oil, your therapist will adapt traditional techniques to create the perfect treatment.
50 or 75 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage, which concentrates on the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the body, is a highly effective treatment to break up old scar tissue, relieve muscle tension and ease chronic pain, allowing old injuries to begin healing. Using a firmer pressure (based on your guidance), we can achieve optimum healing results. Please communicate with your therapist at any point you feel the pressure is too much or not enough—we are happy to adjust the pressure to be as firm or soft as you need.
50 or 75 Minutes

Soothe your Soul Foot Therapy

This treatment is sure to delight your soul—and your sole. A healing lotion is applied to your hands, which are then tucked into warmed mitts. Giving your feet much-deserved attention, we apply hot, steamed towels and a rich foot balm imported from Germany to give you a deep foot massage. You’re sure to walk out of this treatment feeling lighter in your step.
50 Minutes

Stone & Sports Fusion Massage

This fusion of hot stone treatment and sports massage is ideal for anyone who maintains a highly active lifestyle or experiences extreme levels of stress. Heated stones melt muscle tension, while cool marble reduces pain and inflammation. Next, your therapist will use a hands-on approach and a variety of techniques to alleviate injury and increase mobility. This is the perfect treatment before and after a competition, and can maximize the life of your sporting career.
75 Minutes

Express Massage

With minimum time and maximum application of tension-relieving techniques, we will massage the area or areas needing the most attention. This treatment is particularly effective for alleviating tight neck or shoulder muscles.
20 Minutes

Youth Massage (12 – 16 Yrs.)

Young people are inherently playful, with bodies experiencing growing pains, along with normal wear and tear, throughout their youth. Massage is an excellent, natural way to alleviate this pain and tension, as well as to impart healing touch.
20 Minutes

Complements to Massage

Tranquil Scalp Ritual

Aromatherapy draws you into pure tranquility with our signature Scalp Ritual. A gentle massage relaxes your head and scalp, releasing built-up tension. An intensive hair treatment, rich in amino acids, is optional but suggested. This Kerstin Florian treatment deeply nourishes hair restoring moisture, strength and flexibility after the first use. The Tranquil Scalp Ritual is a great treatment for tension headaches and dry, damaged hair. *Please note: if you choose to have the hair treatment, we suggest you leave yourself time to shower afterward.
20 Minutes

Healing Foot Treatment

Relax while we pamper your tired feet. Warm steamed towels release tension, while a healing massage eases away aches and pain. A rich creamy balm infused with essential oils smoothes and revitalizes your skin, softening the edges. Walk away with a new spring in your step.
20 Minutes

Perfect Skin Dry Brush & Shower

Dry Brush gently exfoliates dead skin cells, brings blood and oxygen to the surface of the skin, and helps in the detoxification process. Followed by our Natural Elements Shower which continues to help blood flow and rinse the skin.
20 Minutes

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