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This application form was designed for use by persons applying for various type of positions. Some questions may not be completely applicable to your situation, but we ask that you answer all job-related inquiries the best of your ability. Click here for our Quick Employment Application.

Section 1 - General Information

Are you either a U.S. citizen or an alien authorized to work in the United States?*

Have you ever applied for a position with us?*
Have you ever been employed by Hagadone Hospitality?*
Do you have any relative currently employed by Hagadone Hospitality?*

Section 2 - Education

Section 3 - Employment History

In the following fields, give a complete record of employment. Include military experience as a job. Begin with your most recent employment and work back

Employer #{{ index + 1}} Remove

May we contact for reference*
In order to permit a check of your work and education records, should we be made aware of any change of name or assumed name that you previously used?*

Section 4 - Other Qualifications

Section 5 - References

Name two people who know you personally (exclude relatives and previous employers).

Section 6 - Other Information

Have you been convicted of a felony?*

(An affirmative response will not automatically disqualify you from being considered as a candidate for employment. Factors such as age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of the violation, and rehabiliation will be taken into account.

Daily availability*
I am available to work*
How did you hear about us?*
Are you willing to work overtime as requested?*
Are you willing to comply with Hagadone Hospitality Company Policy standards regarding appearance and grooming?*

Section 7 - Upload Files

Section 8 - Applicant's Statement

I hereby affirm that the information provided on this application (and accompanying resume, if any) is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also agree that any falsified information or significant omissions may disqualify me from further consideration for employment and may result in my dismissal if discovered at a later date.

I authorize a thorough investigation of my past employment, activities, general character, agree to cooperate in such investigations, and release from all liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. I further agree to authorize any physician or hospital to release any information which may be necessary to determine my ability to perform the job for which I am being considered or any future job in the event that I am hired.

I hereby agree to submit to lawful drug, alcohol or integrity testing that may be required as a condition of employment or continued employment and understand that refusal to submit to such testing during the course of my employment may result in disciplinary action, including discharge.

I understand that according to the Immigration Reforrn and Control Act of 1986 all individuals who are hired must, as a condition of employment, produce certain documentation to verify their identity and legal authorization to work in the U.S. As a consequence, I understand that any offer of employment is contingent on my ability to produce the required documentation within the time period required by law.

I understand that my employment is terminable-at-will, that I am not being employed for any specific time, that this application is not a contract, nor is intended to be a contract for continued employment, and that either the employer or I may terminate my employment at any time with or without cause or notice.

Applications may be kept on file for up to one year. The employer, however, makes no representation that the application will be reviewed for any other position than the original opening for which the applicant has applied. If the applicant wants to be considered for any other position or opening, he or she should contact the employer directly. The successful candidate is required to pass a pre-employment background check as a condition of employment.

The undersigned applicant authorizes all former employers to provide a complete employment reference and to disclose any information regarding my past employment including but not limited to my attendance, attitude, potential and overall performance with said employer. I hereby release any previous employer, and this prospective employer, with whom I have made an application for employment any claims and liabilities either arising from the request for, or release of such employment information.



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