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The Coeur d'Alene Resort  VENUES

Let the Coeur d’Alene Resort set the stage for your next event. Find the perfect North Idaho setting for a transformational business meeting, a jam-packed convention, or your dream wedding. Thousands of square feet of outdoor and indoor space exude natural lakeside beauty and understated sophistication, allowing you to host a range of unforgettable events in a storied Idaho destination.




We found your new boardroom views. Harness the relaxed lakeside energy on the lake at your next meeting. From large conferences to intimate gatherings we offer over 32,000 square feet of flexible event space and a team of professionals. Not sure which venue is right for your event? Our experts will help find just the right fit.

HEC interior

Hagadone Event Center & Garden

This glass-encased venue sits on the shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene at our Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf Course. Its versatility to design your event is endless, featuring retractable glass walls, two indoor fireplaces, and accommodating up to 450 guests.

After a short 20-minute cruise across Lake Coeur d’Alene, you will arrive at our premier lakefront venue overlooking the world-famous Floating Green. Create an immersive unforgettable experience showcasing a unique Northwest-themed menu crafted by our culinary artists, entertainment, and panoramic lake views.

    • Square Feet: 6,270 
    • Capacity: Up to 450 Guests
    • Location: Offsite at Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course. Transportation to and from the venue is just a short 20-minute sail on a private cruise boat, or a 10-minute drive by private motorcoach.
    • Features:
      • Retractable glass walls create a customized indoor and outdoor space
      • Adjoining private garden and beach
      • Two indoor fireplaces
      • Two private staging rooms
      • In-house sound system featuring limitless technological capabilities
      • Versatile outdoor wrap around patio
Terrace drone shot overlooking the boat marina and lake

Lakeview Terrace

Blurring the boundaries of nature this rooftop venue delivers impressive views of the lake and surrounding mountains. Located on-site this outdoor space is adorned with greenery walls, outdoor lounge furniture, and fire pits accommodating up to 300 Guests.

The onsite meeting venue, Lakeview Terrace, offers breathtaking views of the mountains, lake, and stunning sunsets, providing a beautiful and serene ambiance for any gathering. The venue is equipped with gas fireplaces and luxurious lounge furniture, making it a comfortable and inviting space for guests to convene. Whether you're looking to capture your guests' attention upon arrival or to close your event with a memorable mountainous sunset, the flexible onsite reception venue is the perfect setting. With its stunning views and luxurious atmosphere the Lakeview Terrace is an ideal gathering place for any occasion.

    • Square Feet: 3,360
    • Capacity: 150 semi-private and 300 private
    • Location: 2nd Floor Rooftop above Resort Lobby
    • Features:
      • Gas granite firepits
      • Lounge furniture and oversized umbrellas
      • Partially covered and heated awning 
      • Custom designed bar
      • Built-in sound system
      • Complimentary indoor backup space provided


Meeting Venue Conference Center

Conference Center Ballroom

Located adjacent to The Resort's main entrance our ballroom is designed to be both spacious and inviting, with a classic and luxurious atmosphere guaranteed to impress your guests with 15,168 square feet of divisible space accommodating up to 1,500 guests.

If you're looking for a conference venue that boasts both convenience and grandeur, look no further than the Conference Center Ballroom. The Conference Center Ballroom is situated right next to the Resort's main entrance, making it easily accessible for all attendees. The ballroom is the largest space at the Resort, providing ample room for even the largest of conferences or events. The expansive layout allows for various seating arrangements and configurations, accommodating a range of event types. The Conference Center Ballroom boasts 16-foot tall ceilings, creating a sense of grandeur and elegance that is sure to impress attendees. The space is also expandable, providing even more flexibility and customization options to make your event truly unforgettable.

    • Square Feet: 15,168
    • Capacity 
      • Bay 1: 1,856 (Bay 1A: 928| Bay 1B: 928)
      • Bay 2: 3,200
      • Bay 3: 2,432
      • Bay 4: 3,200
      • Bay 5: 2,432
      • Bay 6: 2,048
    • Location: Resort Conference Center 
    • Features:
      • Advanced audio-visual capabilities
      • Each bay is enabled with high-speed internet
      • Built-in sound system and lighting options
      • Custom-designed airwalls 
      • Modern interior finishes 
      • Hospital grade ionization system 
      • Convenient load-in/load-out capability with a 12 ft roll-up door
Meeting Venue Bayview Rooms

Bayview Rooms

Combining business and pleasure has never been easier with three unique configurable meeting rooms. This versatile space offers stunning marina views, accommodates up to 260 guests, and is located directly across the foyer from our elegant ballroom.

Adjacent to the Conference Center Ballroom, you'll find a welcoming and intimate space that is ideal for conference breakout sessions, catered meals, and hospitality space. The Bayview Rooms are designed to let in plenty of natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is conducive to learning, networking, and relaxation. Being adjacent to the ballrooms makes this space incredibly convenient for conference attendees. They can easily move between the main event space and this secondary space, without having to leave the building. The space can be configured in a variety of ways, making it ideal for breakout sessions, catered meals, and hospitality space. Whether you need a quiet space for small group discussions or an area to relax and recharge, this space has you covered.

    • Square Feet: 3,932
      • Casco Bay: 1,564
      • Kidd Island Bay: 928
      • North Cape Bay: 896
      • Beauty Bay: 544
    • Capacity: Up to 260 Guests
    • Location: Resort Conference Center
    • Features: 
      • Marina views
      • Casco, Kidd Island, and North Cape Bay rooms - three separate rooms that can be utilized individually or combined as one (combined space of 3,388 sq feet).
      • Built-in sound system and lighting options
      • Black-out window coverings
      • Conference Center office and registration space available
Resort Front Lawn

Resort Front Lawn

This premier outdoor space is located just steps from the Resort's main entrance. It provides views of the lake and vibrant downtown Coeur d'Alene. The Resort Front Lawn welcomes seating for up to 500 guests. The Resort provides standard chairs, tables, glassware, china, silverware and house linens on a complimentary basis. Any upgraded décor, linens, china, centerpieces, lighting, tents, heaters, etc. can be rented at an additional cost.

The Resort Front Lawn is a beautiful and versatile outdoor event space that is sure to impress your guests. The Resort Front Lawn is located just beyond The Resort's front door, providing easy and convenient access for guests. The Front Lawn offers stunning views of the lake marina, creating a serene and picturesque backdrop for your event. This waterfront location is perfect for daytime or evening events and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.  The Front Lawn is a semi-private outdoor event space that can be configured to suit a range of event types and sizes. Whether you're planning a wedding reception, corporate event, or social gathering, this space can accommodate your needs and create a memorable experience for all attendees.

    • Square Feet: 10,000
    • Capacity: 500
    • Location: Resort Front Lawn
    • Features: 
      • Beautiful “Lake Life” experience captured in the center of our grand front lawn
      • Standard round tables, chairs, cocktail tables, buffet meal service, and custom bar placement are included in the set-up fee
      • Power capabilities for keynote speakers and entertainment available
      • White pavilion tent is optional and available for an additional fee
      • Outdoor lighting for events extending past sunset is recommended and available for an additional fee
7th Floor Boardroom

7th Floor Executive Boardrooms

Provide your team with a secluded, flexible, and comfortable space for meetings, presentations, and business events with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lake providing natural light, modern decor, and elegant furnishings. In addition, select boardrooms offer private balconies with stunning lake views.

The Executive Boardrooms located on the 7th floor of our Park Tower offer an exclusive and versatile event space that is sure to impress your attendees. With 8 individual rooms ranging from formal boardroom sets to use for breakout and meal events, the Executive Boardrooms offer versatility and flexibility for your event needs. Whether you're planning a small meeting or a larger conference, this space can accommodate your requirements. Each room features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a stunning view of the lake, providing a beautiful backdrop for your event. Some rooms even offer outdoor balconies, allowing attendees to enjoy the view and fresh air during breaks or meals.

  • Square Feet
    • Boardroom 2:  352 
    • Boardroom 3:  352
    • Boardroom 4:  256
    • Boardroom 5:  Total 1,416
    • Boardroom 5A:  504
    • Boardroom 5B:  576
    • Boardroom 5C:  336
    •  Boardroom 6:  640 Preset Boardroom Style
    • Boardroom 7:  420  Preset Boardroom Style
  • Capacity:  5 - 110 guests
  • Location:  7th Floor of the Resort Park Tower
  • Features: 
      • Lake views
      • Executive-designed atmosphere
      • Boardrooms 5/6/7 offer private balconies
      • Self-contained meeting space and private restrooms
      • Accessible via the Lake & Park Tower elevators
Meeting Venue Lake Cruise

Lake Coeur d’Alene Cruises

Take your meeting or event to the next level by sailing the waters on one of our six private cruise boats. Comfortable, climate-controlled cruise boats have double decks for optimal sightseeing, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, full-service bars, coastguard-certified captains, friendly crews, and can accommodate up to 350 Guests.

The Lake Coeur d'Alene Cruises are a unique and stunning event space that offers an unforgettable experience on the water. A venue is located right on the water, offering breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding landscape. This waterfront location creates a serene and picturesque backdrop for your event and is sure to impress your guests. With the ability to accommodate between 80 and 700 guests, the Lake Coeur d'Alene Boats are perfect for events of all sizes. Whether you're planning a small gathering or a large corporate event, this venue can accommodate your needs. Holding an event on a boat is a truly unique experience that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. The boat offers a range of amenities, including catering options, audiovisual equipment, and seating arrangements, ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience for all guests.

  • Square Feet
    • Mish-an-Nock: 2,610
    • Coeur d’Alene: 2,132
    • Spirit of Coeur d’Alene: 1,625
    • Osprey: 1,625
    • Kootenai: 800
  • Capacity: 80 to 700 guests
  • Location: Lake Coeur d’Alene


Begin your happily ever after here. You’ll find the perfect backdrop for your big day at The Coeur d’Alene Resort— naturally beautiful and perfectly manicured venues set the stage for your vows. Not sure which venue is right for your big day? Our experts will help find just the right fit.

Garden Wedding SetUp

The Hagadone Event Center & Garden

Named for Duane Hagadone, founder of The Coeur d’Alene Resort, the Hagadone Event Center is our premier indoor-outdoor lakefront venue for meetings and events of all kinds. Located at the Resort Golf Course, this 7,000 square foot premium venue features retractable glass walls, two indoor fireplaces, and seating up to 300 guests.
Wedding Venue

Wedding Lake Cruises

Lake Coeur d’Alene Cruise boats provide an elegant, charming, and utterly unique on-the-water setting for you and your guests. Comfortable, climate-controlled cruise boats have double decks for optimal sightseeing, indoor and outdoor lounge areas, full-service bars, coastguard-certified captains, friendly crews, and can accommodate up to 350 Guests.

Resort Bayview Rooms

Elegant ballrooms located on the main level of The Resort can accommodate up to 200 people. The Bayview rooms feature the scenic backdrop of beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene, while the conference center bays are well suited for large wedding receptions.

Resort Front Plaza

The Front Plaza Lawn offers an open-air setting, with a backdrop of the Resort and Lake Coeur d’Alene. This space sets the stage for unforgettable moments of celebration and joy.

Lakeview Terrace

Enjoy our open-air terrace with a breathtaking backdrop overlooking the Boardwalk Marina and Lake Coeur d’Alene.